Tuesday, 22 August 2017

After 100 Days In London: Why Blaming President Muhammadu Buhari Won't Solve Any Problem, by Oladele Hakeem Olaniyan

President Muhammadu Buhari returned to Nigeria on Saturday. August 19, 2017 after spending over 100 days in London. The purpose of the president’s trip is an open-secret to all Nigerians.

President Buhari left Nigeria in the early part of the month of May to see his doctors. His journey came some weeks after he returned for medical checkup.

Tongues wagged when the nation’s number one citizen left the country again for medical treatment. There were different theories postulated by various schools of thought. Some said the president was near death and that he should relinquish power. While others opined he may not return alive to the country from London the second time. Be as it may be, President Buhari spent 103 days in UK, before he returned last Saturday.

Today, Tuesday, August 22, 2017 makes it the second day the president resumed his official duties. On Monday, August 21, 2017, a letter from the presidency was transmitted to both Senate president and Speaker House of Representatives. The content of the letter was to inform both arms of the National Assembly that Buhari is back to take over from vice president Yemi Osinbajo, who acted as president in the former’s absence.

After 100 Days In London: Why Blaming President Muhammadu Buhari Won't Solve Any Problem

Nigerians should recall that May 29, 2017 makes it two years into the administration of the All Progressives Congress (APC). The APC promised to turn around the battered economy it inherited in a matter of years. However, less than two years to 2019 that its four-year tenure elapse, Nigerians are still groaning under severe economic downturn.

Who is to blame for the collapse of the economy and suffering of the average Nigerian?

An information from a source during the last days of former president Goodluck Jonathan, revealed that Jonathan himself was sad he was leaving a nation in quagmire to Buhari. However, that shouldn’t be taken as an excuse too far for not delivering on some of the vital promises made by the APC to the electorates prior to the 2015 general elections.

President Buhari, upon being sworn in, promised to make Nigerians happy. However, the behemoth called injustice has continued to prevent this from coming into fruition.

A good number of Nigerians could say the problems the country is facing are: corruption, bad leadership, tribal jingoism, religious bigotry, among others. But the truth is that all these problems still fall under one name called INJUSTICE.

Currently, there are threats and agitations by various sections and tribes on other ones. Some of these ethnic groups have said come October 1, 2017, the foundation of Nigeria will be shaken to its root. Some even said Nigeria would cease to exist at the time.

Nigerians are getting sick of empty promises by all tiers of government. The people want to see tangible and crystal-clear positive changes in their standard of living.

It’s a pity the health challenge of President Buhari won’t make him perform to optimal level. All that Nigerians need to do is to support the president as he manages to steer the ship to 2019, or possibly to the time he resigns before 2019 to attend to his health.