Monday, 14 August 2017

Vultures Are Important To Man's Environment, They Should Not Be Killed - NCF

The National Conservation Foundation (NCF), has warned against the trafficking and illegal killing of vultures in the country and urged security operatives and herb sellers to support the foundation in its efforts to stop the acts.
NCF Manager, Adebayo Mahmud gave the warning in Osogbo on Friday, August 11, 2017 at a workshop organised by the NCF for policemen, officers of the Nigerian Customs Service and herb sellers popularly known as elewe omo.
Mahmud revealed that vultures played a very important role in the ecosystem, including the prevention of outbreak of diseases and sicknesses through their activities.
He also said vultures assist law enforcement agencies by flying over the area where poachers just killed wildlife animals, lamenting that poachers usually poisoned the birds in order to avoid being given away by their activities.
“Vultures are being killed in large number despite their importance to the ecosystem. Vulture population has declined drastically but it is estimated that a single vulture provides a scavenging benefit of $11,600 per year,” Mahmud said.

“Vultures are also used in traditional medicine. The feathers and the heads are used for ritualistic purposes and they are exported to other countries. That is why we are seeking the support of the elewe omo and also security agencies to stop this,” He added.
Mahmud advocated legislation to arrest and prosecutes wildlife traffickers and other offenders including those known for wildlife poisoning.

Source: Daily Post