Friday, 29 September 2017

3 Reasons Why Most Men Will Not Marry Some Single Ladies

Currently in Nigeria and in other parts of the world, the number of females is more than males. The difference in the two genders is becoming widening every day. It’s only a person who wants to run away from the truth will say there are more male folks than their female counterparts in Nigeria or in other parts of the world. With this conspicuous gap, some single ladies are still not telling themselves the truth about why they are still single and not marriageable. The funny thing is that these ladies know the truth but don’t want to accept it.

Why are there more women or ladies or females more than the other sex orientation? The answers are simple. Naturally, men have shorter lifespan. Also, men go to war and are killed. Different adventures take away men’s lives.

Scientifically speaking, the foetus of females is stronger than that of males. Therefore, more male children die during delivery in the labour room.

Coming back to the topic of discourse, some single ladies believe in, “I know everything,” “No man can tell me what is right or not.” “I cannot submit myself.” “My independence is number one!”

With this mindset as well as overt show of other unpalatable qualities towards men, men do have a rethink and see some single ladies as mere “sexual satisfaction materials (SSMs)” or a no go area.
A few months ago in Kenya, an African country, some women embarked on a rally (or call it a protest) on the scarcity and shortage of men for marriage. 

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A single mother even went as far as carrying a placard with her phone number boldly written, stating that she needed a husband. This scenario might be seen as extreme, but it’s reality. More and more women are desperately searching for husbands daily.

1. Deceit of seeing themselves as being wiser than all men

Women are priceless treasures. Unfortunately, these rare gems do not value themselves. Some single ladies turn themselves into free-for-all. Why is this so? These set of ladies believe all men are either nincompoops or scalawags. They hold the opinion that as long as it comes to sexual intercourse, they can make all men look stupid! However, the man who wants to have his way pretends like a fool, sleeps with them and dumps them.

3 Reasons Why Most Men Will Not Marry Some Single Ladies

What some single ladies don’t know is that a good number of men are adroit when it comes to deceiving women. Therefore, the so-called wise ladies are nothing but used and dumped.
As long as a woman thinks she is too wise, she should be ready to remain single till she leaves this world.

A young man from Warri in Delta always emphasise the words below when it comes to relationship matters, “Wise ladies don’t get married. Only foolish ladies get married.”

2. Difficulty of being unteachable

Some Nigerian ladies believe they don’t have anything to learn from men. It’s not going to be easy to get married and not want to learn one or two things from your man.

During the period that precedes marriage, a good number of men do tell their would-be-wives to bend towards some of their do’s and don’ts. Some men go as far as listing some of their principles. As some people do say, “Every man with his principles.” This doesn’t mean the man is trying to establish an authoritarian system of government via marrying the woman in question. The man simply wants the lady to know this is the way I want my things to be done.

3. No man can control me

Have you ever heard some single ladies say? “I’m a career woman. No man can push me around.”
Using modernisation or civilisation as an excuse in order not to respect men will not solve the problem on ground. What’s the problem here? It’s simply the issue of not getting a man to marry you!
No one can control anybody. Even, the owner of a horse cannot force it to drink water when both of them get to the river. Therefore, no man can control any woman. On the other hand, what a good number of men want is a woman, who will understand them.

All ladies should also understand the concept of my man is the head and my crown. If a lady doesn’t accept this, she would need to wait for her prince-charming to come either from Saturn or Jupiter.
In conclusion, the joy in marital life outweighs its challenges. Therefore, no single lady of marriageable age should see being single as an escape route from the ups and downs of marriage. This will never work, as she alone will face more mysteries of life she would not want to divulge to people around her.

A stitch in time saves nine. A word is enough for the wise!