Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Biafra Agitators Are Greedy, Have No Well-Defined Agenda, Says 97-Year-Old Traditional Ruler

A 97-year-old traditional ruler, Etubom Eniang Essien, who was also an ex Commissioner in Delta State has stated that Biafra agitators are greedy. 
The former Delta state commissioner made this known in an exclusive chat with DAILY POST, decrying the attitude of members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).
The 97-year-old Traditional Ruler said:  “How could they expect Nigerian government to sit down and watch them declare Biafra Republic on existing country like Nigeria. Buhari must stop the IPOB agitator immediately”
“How many countries do we want to leave Nigeria, what is Biafra going to do? You know certain individuals just come up something in order to protect themselves and not that they are thinking of the objectives of whatever they have proposed.”
97-year-old traditional ruler, Etubom Eniang Essien

Essien who had held several political positions in Cross River including, Chairman of Calabar Urban District Council, Commissioner for Local Government, Commissioner for Public Works and Commissioner for Establishment, said Buhari meant well for the country because this was not the first time of occupying that office.
Remembering his political days, Etubom Essien said: “There is a big different between then and now, the different is that at the time we went into politics, we have objectives, one of the objectives was to first and foremost be independent, secondly to improve the common man’s position.
“But you know, at the moment, it looks like everybody is just looking at money, not like our days. I don’t know but, I think after sometime, people will come to the realisation that politics is not money business.”