Friday, 29 September 2017

Meaning Of SSMs And Why Men Should Not Fall Into Trap Of Marrying Ladies Who Are SSMs

Marriage is half of faith, according to some beliefs. It brings so much joy. However, nothing is 100% smooth in this life, as well as marriage. Marrying ladies who are SSMs could nail the coffin of any man. All men who are intending to get married should be cautious in order not to fall for ladies who belong to this category.

What does SSMs mean? It simply stands for “Sexual Satisfaction Materials.” It is a new compound word used to describe ladies who have nothing to offer except sex.

SSMs are ladies who go about sleeping with different kinds of men. Then when age starts setting in, they realise they need to settle down. These ladies waste all their lifetime in the profession of slay queens and executive prostitution. They only remember they need to repent when all their skin starts folding or when they start approaching 30 years of age, looking for a responsible man to marry them.

Meaning Of SSMs And Why Men Should Not Fall Into Trap Of Marrying Ladies Who Are SSMs

No one is saying people can’t turn new leaf. However, it’s wrong for ladies who have lived waywardly in the past to always think the good guy will come to carry all their burdens.

Currently in the world, divorce rate, single-parenting, separation, among others are on the rise. The question is, why is this so? Everyone should search inwards and answer the question.

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Being a virgin is seen as an anachronistic thing. It’s even worse these days to see innocent girls looking for the bad guys to deflower them.

Meaning Of SSMs And Why Men Should Not Fall Into Trap Of Marrying Ladies Who Are SSMs

There is a saying that “No one cares.” A good number of guys are tired of listening to cook and bull stories from ladies. It is what you sow you reap!

Some young men have shared their experiences with single ladies and why they can’t marry them. These desperate ladies looking for husbands come up with excuses like: “I was too young to know my left from my right.” “He promised he would marry me but turned me into sex machine and later broke my heart.” “I have aborted more than five times for three of my previous boyfriends.” The list is endless.

It is only a gullible person that will jump into the river with both feet without checking how deep the river is with one of his feet first. The same thing applies to marriage. Both parties must know about each other’s past and know if there could be a common ground.

Some of the dangers of marrying SSMs have been scientifically proven. One of the dangers is having children who have low intelligence quotient. Another one is that the man can never sexually satisfy the woman, making the woman seek other men outside wedlock. The result is broken homes.

Men should shine their eyes and not get carried away by cosmetic beauty. Men should not marry women who have been eaten by all and sundry because there will be nothing left for them to eat.
This write up is not to malign any lady. It is all about the gospel truth. Women who are getting frustrated that no man is looking at their side should also ask themselves if they are not SSMs.

Any man who wants the best for his children should pick the best among women as his future wife, and not the SSMs.

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