Thursday, 7 September 2017

This Is Why You Should Never Joke With Not Drinking Sufficient Water Regularly (READ)

According to a recent research, being slightly dehydrated can increase your risk for being in a poor mood. Being dehydrated means the body need water intake.

So if you're not already focused on staying well hydrated, perhaps this will motivate you to get more water on a daily basis.

Who knows? A few extra glasses a day may actually brighten your outlook.

Dehydration Takes a Toll on Your Mood

For the study, researchers had high volume drinkers (people who normally drank 2.5 liters daily) decrease their water intake to 1 litre daily. Low volume drinkers (people who normally drank less than 1.2 litres daily) were asked to increase their intake to 2.5 liters. Different mood scales were administered throughout the study.

This Is Why You Should Never Joke With Not Drinking Sufficient Water Regularly 

In the beginning of the study, moods were comparable in both groups. However, as the experiment progressed significant mood changes were seen.

The formerly high volume drinkers reported less contentedness, calmness, positive emotions, and activity. On the other hand, the low volume group felt less sleepy, fatigue, confusion, and thirst.

All in all, the study showed increased hydration had a positive effect on mood, while drinking less fluid was correlated with a poor mood.

Eight Cups of Water a Day?

It depends on different factors such as your climate, body weight, and level of physical activity. But for the most part, most people don’t really have to drink eight cups a day to stay hydrated.

Much of the water (more than a third) we obtain in our diet actually comes from food, with fruits and vegetables being the most hydrating foods. However, unless you have a medical condition which limits your intake, it probably doesn't hurt to stick to eight cups. It’s a nice rule of thumb.

Also, don’t wait to feel thirsty before you reach for that cup of water. By the time you feel thirst, you may be slightly dehydrated. Also, the sensation of thirst isn't always dependable. It decreases in people over 50 and in people with certain health conditions (diabetes). Just make it a point to drink liquids throughout the day. 

One way to evaluate your hydration status is to look at the colour of your urine. For the most part, light coloured urine means a person is well hydrated. Darker colours (thick apple juice) indicate dehydration. 

Try Flavored Water

I don’t know about you, but some people like to dress up their water a bit.

While drinking it "plain" is the way Mother Nature intended, it doesn't hurt to get a little creative as well. For some, it just may just increase the odds of staying well-hydrated. 

Recipe: Blackberry and Sage Natural Flavoured Water

Here’s a refreshing recipe, courtesy of TasteBook. Enjoy! 


1 cup blackberries,  4-5 sage leaves 


Place sage at the bottom of a jar and bruise with a muddler. Add the cup of blackberries and press down on them to release the juice. Fill jar with ice to the top and water to the top. Put the lid back on and refrigerate! 

Source: LifeExtension